Water features
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Clear Glass LRG

Outstanding beauty and design in the LARGE centre mounted clear glass panel with stainless steel frame fountain. Make it a spectacular addition to any home, office, or peaceful garden. The stainless steel frame adds an element of sleek style and sophistication, while the cascading waters create a soothing, serene environment. Fill the basin with river rocks (included) to complete the stunning presentation. lightweight design and easy to assemble. Feature includes powerful, adjustable-flow water pump an accent light (not shown), intake filter. A custom logo etched on these fountains makes a memorable statement in any lobby or entryway, call for details. For video go to YOUTUBE: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l3CEB_pz5P4



800 mm
  Depth: 450 mm Price:$1995
Web Special:$1695
  Height: 2250 mm
  Weight: 57 kg

Setting: Indoor/Outdoor

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