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Black Flower

This self contained fountain will compliment any office reception hotel lobby or garden scape, whether commercial or private it will be the focal point. With mirror gloss black carved granite stand and heavy polished ball measured at 750mm diameter with stunning array of gray green coloures that spins on a frictionless cushion of water and continues to roll until the water is shut off, promises to be something out of the ordinary. However, even a child can stop the ball, change the direction of the spin or set the ball on an accelerated twirl. The space between the ball and the basin socket is a fraction of a mm (about the thickness of a hair), so there is no danger of a child's fingers getting hurt. These fully functioning artistic fountains are a must for the corporate office that has everything. It staggers the imagination to see this extremely heavy ball fountains revolve around on such a tiny amount of water. Please contact one of our custom sales representatives for requirements and pricing



1200 mm
  Depth: 1200 mm Price:$Inquire
  Height: 2100 mm
  Weight: 2900 kg

Setting: Indoor/Outdoor

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