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Table Top Water Fountains

Table Top Water Fountains, These water fountains will make an elegant and dramatic Feng Shui enhancement to any home. The sound of water is balm for the soul. It soothes our spirit and calms our mind. We know you will enjoy the beauty and healing energy of your water fountain.

Budget Table Top Fountains

Agate Red


Blocks Fountain

Brown Beauty

Gai Falls

Hiroki Fountain

Inspiration Fountain

Sachiko Falls


White veins

Designer Table Top fountain

Agate River

Amethyst Point

Angel Eyes

Aqua Fountains

Citrine Sycamore


Cluster Blue

Crystal Cave Fountain

Gem Rock Rosabell



Jewel Tamar

Love Free

Orriel Geode


Pebbles Cave

Pink Quartz

Polished Teal


Rainforest Amethyst

Rosabell Blue


Serenity Falls

Success Flow

Taiko Falls

Tiger Eye

Tower Wave

Tranquility Pool

Tranquility Secrete

Tranquility Zen

People around the globe are in search of anything and everything that can bring a little tranquillity and relaxation into a hectic world. The popularity of water fountains for both indoor and outdoor use has sky rocketed in the last few years, perhaps to answer our need to create our own little oasis. A tabletop water feature is a wonderful way to bring the refreshing enjoyment of the outdoors inside, whether your decorating style leans towards eastern. modern or traditional,

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