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Rolling Ball - Sphere Fountains are water fountains made from marble, granite or semi-precious stones gathered from all over the world. Landscape design, interior and exterior perfect for office building entryways, shopping centers, medical centers, hotels, golf courses and private homes. Sphere Fountains are suitable and enjoyable for both residential and commercial applications to accommodate for Architects, designers, decorators and developers needs.

Massive or small sculptural sphere fountains with high precision solid granite floating and rotating with water as it flows from beneath the sphere, they spin in any direction and mesmerizing the viewer with their movement.

These water moving sculptures will last for decades and will test time and signify original fine craftsmanship and design

We offer additional styles sphere fountains and colour combination for self- contained fountains and natural base stone combinations. Sphere fountains and base stones may need to be installed inside a water retention unit with pump such as pre-formed water basin or custom installation pond type. Different sizes and types are available in many coloures and models, please ask for further details and assistance. Enlarged file pictures available upon request

Commercial application

Black Flower

Check Sphere

Colourful Earth

Dolphins Sphere

Dragon Sphere

Dragon Sphere in Setting

Free Spirits

Galaxy Sphere

Green Earth

Jupiter Sphere

Lions Sphere

Lucky World Fountain

Maple Sphere

Mars Scape

Mashroom Rippled

Mercury Sphere

Northern Sphere

Orange Ripple

Sea Scape

Sleek Sphere

The Rock

World Blue

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